As you maybe can notice from our internet domain, we are shipbrokers involved in supramax business!

We are a new innovative shipping company who with our activities heavily involved in world wide business with supramax bulkers and cargoes. Our major activity is shipbroking which means brokerage of world wide cargoes on every continent as fully independant shipbrokers.

We are specialized in fixing cargoes and vessel’s mainly in the bulk segment of the market, and mainly dealing with cargoes like bulk coal, bulk ironore, bulk minerals, bulk grains, bulk fertilizers, bulk cement and clinker, but also different kind of steels all being fixed on voyage basis.

Several of our clients are also involved in timechartering in vessel’s for either one timecharter trip or on longer timecharter period sometimes upto 10 years.  We have extremely close connections to Australian, Indian, Indonesian, American and Canadian exporters of various cargoes who is sold mainly to China, to India, to South Korea and to Japan, but has also sold cargoes to Middle East and Europe. We take care specifically of the sea transportation and chartering in of the bulk carriers needed.

This chartering in of tonnage is taken care of our exclusive broker Neslo Chartering Aps in Denmark (email:, whom feel free to contact of you have any kind of seagoing transportation of your bulk cargoes.

In case you are interested in our company, then please kindly contact us accordingly.